Our Friends

The Catalena Cowgirls

Beautiful women, phenominal paint horses, breathtaking show performances. You’ve never seen anything like it. It’s difficult to describe their unique attraction, but once you’ve seen their performances, you’ll understand! The Catalena Cowgirls precision rodeo drill team performs at rodeos throughout the country as well as making appearances at parades and community public works functions. At every turn, the team awes and inspires through complex drills, show-stopping routines, and precision timing. Each team member personifies discipline, teamwork and professionalism. Read more about the Catalena Cowgirls.

Everyone is doing more with less right now, and our county government should be no different. We need to protect our tax dollars and control property tax bills while at the same time maintain county roads and infrastructure, implement a county-wide clean-up project and provide enough resources to combat crime throughout the county.