Hat Accessories
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Crown Brush
Crown Brush $20.00
Keep your hats looking new with our horsehair crown brushes. We recommend having separate brushes for light and dark hats. More Info
Brim Brush
Brim Brush $10.00
Short Horsehair Brim Brush is compact and a great way to keep your hat looking fresh and new. We recommend having separarte brushes for light and dark hats. More Info
Cleaner for Dark Colors
Cleaner for Dark Colors $10.00
Specifically for cleaning black or dark felt hats. Penetrating foam dissolves and lifts out dirt and helps to bring back color in hat. More Info
Cleaner for Light Colors
Cleaner for Light Colors $10.00
Specifically for use on light-colored Felt Hats and other fabrics. Cleans hats and removes most oil and water-based stains. More Info
Felt Hat Stiffener
Felt Hat Stiffener $10.00
Designed to add body and shape to a Felt Hat. To be used mostly with darker-colored hats as this product may spot on light hats. More Info
Felt Hat Cleaning Sponge
Felt Hat Cleaning Sponge $3.00
Give hats a clean new look by brushing with dry sponge. It actually shaves off loose nap, lint and surface soils. More Info
Felt Hatters Sponge
Felt Hatters Sponge $5.00
Works well on those greasy spots. Especially good for black or darker-colored hats. More Info
Rain and Stain Protector
Rain and Stain Protector $8.00
Keep your felt hats safe from the elements by applying our Felt Hat Rain & Stain Protector. More Info